See it Saturday……

Today’s photo is of my little princess! Probably the best photo of her and how she looks at me every time I have my camera out LOL.

1. Opened in Lightrooom and adjusted exposure, contrast and removed vignette

2. Opened in PS

3. I duplicated the layer and cleaned up her skin a bit with the patch tool and spot heal tool.

4. I adjusted the exposure again with a curves layer.

5. I adjusted with a contrast layer.

6. Duplicated the 2nd main layer and changed the blending to multiply, then adjusted the opacity of the layer to my liking.

7. I applied a mask to that layer and brushed away the person, skin, hair and clothing.

8. I applied a curves layer to adjust skin tone and reduced the layer to 30% opacity.

9. Merged the main layers down.

10. Applied unsharp mask, then duplicated layer again and applied noiseware, then cropped photo.

Some people ask me how I learned what I know in Photoshop and I will tell you: Honestly… GOOGLED JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING I KNOW!!! I have had a little help from forums and a fellow photographer. My best advice is to first HAVE THE PASSION FOR PHOTOGRAPHY!!!!! Then google whatever you want to know, it’s out there! Enjoy today’s See it Saturday!


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