Fix-It-Friday {Child Photographer}

It’s that time again. Time for a fix-it-friday photo. I shot this yesterday quickly for his Valentines Cards. It is already great SOOC(straight out of camera), but is lacking more depth and richness that I like. I did edit this one today a little differently than I normally would, meaning that I used different techniques to achieve the same outcome in Photoshop. I’m not saying this is the right way by any means to edit a photo, but I was trying something different than my normal.
1. Duplicated the original layer and changed it to multiply. Adjusted the opacity to liking.
2. Masked the photo and painted the face away because we don’t want the face that dark.
3. I then flattened.
4. I then fixed the skin color a little bit with a curves layer.
5. Duplicated the original layer again and changed it to soft light.
6. Again it produced an outcome that wasn’t so nice, so I did and inverted mask this time.
7. I wanted the eyes to pop a bit more so i painted back the eyes on the soft light layer at a 50% opacity.
8. I also didn’t like the darker lines under his eyes so i flattened again and then duplicated again.
9. I used the eyedropper to select a color near those lines and proceeded to use the brush to paint over those lines at a very low opacity.
10. I then ran portraiture on the duplicate copy and then reduced the opacity to my liking.
And that’s it.. all done!

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