My Own {Okinawa Family Photographer}

A couple of weeks ago I “attempted” my own family photos. I was going to have Denise of Rising Sun Memories do them but the weather was so unpredictable that I just decided to do it myself. It was finally a decent day and we hurry and got ready headed out to a spot I like. By the time we got out there the wind had picked up quite a bit and it started getting chilly. The kids did pretty good. Kayli was scared of the loud noises in the building we were standing in front of, so I didn’t get a decent shot of her. The pictures are a not as sharp as I would like, but that’s what you get when you use a remote trigger and have wind 😉 I am happy with them and will always cherish them even through all the faults. I love you family!

xoxo Kristi

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