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So I have decided to try the Fix-It-Fridays again. We’ll see how it goes. I really need your support and thoughts on this for me to keep up with it. So please interact on these. Let me know what you think or questions you have. I took this image this morning. It is really underexposed and he has a drool on his chin along with some redness. So lets get this image looking pretty!

1. Duplicate background layer and use the heal tool to remove the drool and the red patch on his chin.
2. Flatten
3. Open your adjustments and do a curves layer. Raise the mid-tones until it looks good to you.
4. While your in adjustments do a contrast layer. This is mainly for the background of the photo. Contrast +62, then brush off at 50% on the baby and anything that looks to contrasty.
5. I used Glisten from the Michelle Kane collections on his eyes to brighten and sharpen them a little bit.
6. Use another curves adjustment layer to remove some of the magenta color in the photo.
7. Duplicate the background layer again and sharpen the photo with an unsharp mask.
8. Click on the top layer and then I used Flawless Face from the Michelle Kane collections. I applied it with my brush at 30% on the background only. This smooths it out a tad. Reduces the noise.
9. Add a vignette layer at 69%.
10. Resize for web
And here you have it…

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