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.Marcus. 3 Months | Beaufort Children’s Photographer

Remember Marcus? I did his newborn photos HERE. Well he came back to see me again at 3 months old. Oh he has grown so

.Conrad. | The Update

Well today is day number 10 of Conrad having his spica cast on and since the accident. I’m not going to lie, this

Life Is Precious

Yesterday started like any other day. Dallas left for work before anyone else got up. The rest of us woke up later

a day in my life • day 8 •9 •10 •11 | Beaufort Portrait Photographer

You didn’t think I had forgot did you? I didn’t. I just haven’t had time to post the photos I took.

a day in my life • day 7 | Beaufort Portrait Photographer

Today was a long day. The hubby went back to work after 2 months. Picking up Cycle 2 as a Drill Instructor. We miss him

a day in my life • day 6 | Beaufort Portrait Photographer

Kayli poo is growing up so much. I know I say that a lot, but its true. She has a new obsession with sharpening

a day in my life • day 4 & 5 | Beaufort Portrait Photographer

I know I know I skipped yesterday. Hey remember there were no rules though 🙂 I did take the photo, just didn’t

Valentines Kids Mini Sessions | Beaufort Children’s Photographer

Valentines Day is next month. Get a head start on those Valentines Day Cards! Make them unique and custom. **Limited to

Valentine’s Day Boudoir Sessions | Beaufort Boudoir Photographer

Introducing the 1st Annual Valentine’s Day Boudoir Sessions!! Surprise your man with those sexy shots of you in a

a day in my life • day 3 | Beaufort Portrait Photographer

Today my second child “Keedle Bug” turned 6 years old! I cannot believe how fast time flies. I truly feel

Made in Japan | Beaufort Maternity Photographer

That’s right, this bump was Made in Japan. Julia and her hubby Jason just got to Beaufort from Okinawa. I have

a day in my life • day 2 | Beaufort Portrait Photographer

It’s a quick one today, but it’s here. I love when my kids like to wear daddy’s gear. It makes my

a day in my life • day 1 | Beaufort Portrait Photographer

So for 2012 I have decided to do a day in my life photo project. There isn’t any rules with this, it may not be