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You didn’t think I had forgot did you? I didn’t. I just haven’t had time to post the photos I took. Yup I took one each day 🙂 Proud of me… I am too. The majority of these are of my youngest boy… he is a handful these days and I think you’ll figure out his favorite thing and place when you see these photos. He is a CLIMBER! I never had this issue with any of my other children. I guess he takes after his Aunt Terra. I can already feel myself growing as far as my photography during these past days. I am looking for the silly moments… the once in a lifetime moments. The everyday moments that we don’t usually capture. I’m going to look back on these photos years from now and just smile. These are things you don’t remember years down the road. My kids will have that luxury of looking at them and showing them to their children and grandchildren when the times comes(like 30 years from now) 🙂

Day 8 • These silly girls were climbing all over each other on the slide. My daughter is the one on top.

Day 9 • Do you have an idea yet of his new habit? Okay so the second photo is what he did this morning, but as you can see that table is pretty enticing.

Day 10 • Are you starting to see the trend? This is what happens as I’m cooking dinner. Kids playing ball… baby climbing on table AGAIN.

Day 11 • Oh.. Big surprise… and BIG mess…

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