Day 14 | Beaufort Newborn and Family Photographer

This was a day I was excited to write about, yet not one I wanted to remember. Two years ago today our lives almost changed… for the worst. It was so surreal, like it wasn’t really happening. If your wondering what happend you can read our story HERE. Reading over it and looking at the photos brought back a flood of emotion and feelings. During the normal everyday I try and put this behind us, but we are all reminded of it far too often. My older children remember and refer back to it often and are cautious with Conrad now. They are protective. I want to be overly protective, but I know he won’t grow as a person if I don’t give him some space and freedom. He gets it. He won’t ever remember this other than photos and stories, which is fine with me. As you can see in the photos below he is doing well and is healthy as a horse today! There are no signs of his accident at all. I often worry about it when he gets older, but thus far a few aches and pains from growing are all he gets. Be very vigilant with your little ones that don’t know what’s going on. Keep locks on doors, keep your eyes and ears open. P.S. Those are Monster High sticker tatoos on him courtesy of his big sister!


xoxo Kristi

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