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When I first got into photography, newborns weren’t something I had even thought about photographing. I wanted to be that rockstar fashion photographer or model photographer. Then a while after I had started my business (5 years ago) I started seeing more and more of the newborns being photographed. I loved it! It was such a beautiful thing! I had already 3 of my babies and wished I had some of my first 3 babies under 14 days old. I started researching it a bit more and knew it was something I wanted to pursue. It was still a fairly new concept when I began, so there wasn’t much on how to properly do newborn photography. I was however lucky enough to have a very sweet mentor teach me and let me assist her in her newborn sessions. IT was AMAZING… it was exhilarating. We spent countless hours doing these newborn sessions. I am forever grateful to Anya for being so so kind to teach me. She taught me more than just the newborn photography and I am so thankful for her. As the years went on newborn photography became more and more popular and I learned more and more. I learned mostly about safety because that is the number one thing when doing a newborn session. I’ve spent many hours studying newborn photography and practicing and doing. I love it. I also love watching these little ones join this world through birth photography. Now that… is absolutely perfect. Enjoy these absolutely adorable twin summer babes. When your done with that please check out Alicia of Alicia Q. Photography who is located in the Jacksonville, NC and San Diego, CA areas and see what she has to say about the topic: Summer.

Kristi James
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