Day 67 | Newborn Girl

Day 67 | Newborn Girl

Today was another exhausting day. Got up early with a birth hangover. Wedding photographers joke that they get wedding hangovers the day after, well I’m claiming birth hangover from the births yesterday. I got up early to prepare for a sweet newborn girl in the studio today. I’ve been waiting for two weeks to meet this pretty lady. You can see her birth story here! She was an amazing trooper for her birth as well. I wasn’t there but heard she was a rockstar!! She welcome a sweet girl in to this world. We talked from the beginning of her pregnancy almost. She was absolutely so so sweet. She’s a first time mom and lots of questions. I love being able to answer questions and help them. I was so so excited about doing her newborn photos. She was everything I had hoped for and more! She was so sleepy and bendy and squishy. She loved her mama and her daddy. They were head over heels for her as well.  Daddy had way too much fun with the photos. I’ll show you those later when I do the full post on this session. Mom and dad are so adorable together!  They are so loving and sweet together. This sweet girl is more than loved.

Later we went to the last day of football camp and fourth day of cheer camp. It was super windy, but cool weather. The cool weather and the wind were so perfect. It was a great break from all the heat we have had. I am so proud of Kayli and Kayden for doing the camps without one complaint. Well one, that they are sore. Other than that no complaints. That surprised me. I thought for sure one would want to give up and quit. They haven’t and it makes it so much easier to take them.

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