Macro Details

Macro Details | Day 5

I’m sorry to bore  excite you with more  macro shots, but I am hooked. Same ol flower, but it rained so I had some rain drops to work with. I’m totally loving the colors on this flower macro style. I always hear other photographers telling me that macro photography is therapeutic to them and couldn’t understand why. Now that I know how to use my lens correctly, I am hooked. I thoroughly enjoyed my time outside in between it raining. I loved trying to find the angle I wanted and the exact thing I wanted to photograph. The dewdrops were perfect for that today. I loved it. I pulled my little princess out too for a shot or two. After that she gives me the fake laugh with an awful facial expression to match. Then I know it is time for her to go away. I don’t like to force them into sitting there modeling for me. She is gorgeous, but my goodness she is so so hard to get a good photograph of. She pulls quite the faces sometimes. Anyway, look at those lashes. The detail of them is incredible. She has such long and full lashes. I am definitely jealous!!! I also had a poinsettia left from Christmas and it has sparkles, so yes, I had to get some detail shots of all that glitter on the pretty red leaves.

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  • February 6, 2016 - 3:52 am

    Sherida Taylor - Absolutely GORGEOUS <3

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