Bloomsburg, PA Boudoir Photographer, Catawissa Boudoir, Danville Boudoir{Q.}What are your boudoir sessions like?

{A.} The boudoir/intimate portrait experience with Kristi James is an empowering and fun day!  Weekday sessions are Tuesday-Friday and there are also occasional weekend sessions available. The choice is up to you.

You will start the day with a full makeover with our fabulous Hair & Makeup Artists at Venus Day Spa while you relax, chill, and have some good, old-fashioned, girl talk! Unless you're a guy that doesn't care about all that!

Once done you will head over to my studio!

Then, after consulting over your outfit options (and perhaps a little fashion show) we start shooting with you becoming more and more comfortable with each passing shot.

Then when the shoot is done we will break for lunch or a snack. So while you grab something yummy close by (believe me, you'll be hungry) I will be busily prepping your images. Because right after lunch you will come back, grab a glass of wine or water and have a private reveal and get to see how gorgeous you truly are!

You will then get to view, choose, order your own art. Albums, wall art, etc.

Doesn't this sound like a fabulous day?

{Q.}Is a boudoir shoot really for me?

{A.} Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Whatever you're excuses are please know that boudoir is for every woman, man and couple. And you absolutely don't have to be a specific type or be a model. In fact, I prefer not working with models. Boudoir is about beauty and confidence. About feeling amazing in your own skin and reminding yourself you are beautiful. Don't believe me? Let me show you.

{Q.}Where will my session be?

Most of our sessions are done in a studio I have booked in Spokane. The colors are all in neutral tones so that any color outfit will still look great. Sessions start at 9:00 am with Hair and makeup and concludes with getting to see all your images the same day!

{Q.}I'm not comfortable with nudity. Can you still photograph me?

{A.} Of course I can! I completely understand and I don't want you to worry or feel uncomfortable. We only ever do what you are comfortable with. I want you to feel stunning, gorgeous and confident. And clothes on or off we can create something amazing.


NEPA boudoir photographer, Bloomsburg, PA Couples Boudoir Photography, intimate couples portrait

{Q.}What should I wear?

{A.} The easy answer is "Whatever you feel amazing in!". Most people tend to choose some kind of lingerie but don't limit yourself there. You don't need massive amounts  of lace and satin to pull together the perfect portrait wardrobe.  After you book I'll send you my welcome email where I will help you decide just what is perfect for you! Men usually wear fitted boxer briefs and a v-neck shirt. More will be in my welcome email.

{Q.}What should I do to prepare?

{A.} Nothing extreme. This is not the time for extreme diets, extreme makeovers or anything like that. This is the time for hair trims and color touchups, waxing, etc. Do NOT spray tan. It photographs orange in a boudoir setting.


{Q.}How much does it cost?

{A.} The cost is divided into 2 parts. First the session fee. You can contact me to get your session choices.  During your private gallery review at the end of your session day is when you will decide on what images you want to order. That will be the remainder of your fees.  I  have collections that start at $650 that include your digitals and a print credit. Al A Carte is available.



{Q.}Do you offer payment plans?

{A.} YES!  We do offer payment plans for your product order for all orders over $800.  The # of payments we can divide it into depends on how large the order is. To get detailed information on how the payment plans break down contact me.

{Q.}Can I have someone with me at my session?

{A.} Yes!  And No!  Hahaha. Confused yet?  This really is a one on one experience.  However, if you're doing your shoot with your significant other that is obviously totally fine. I want you/your partner to connect with me as your photographer and with your partner. Believe me, this part is really important!

{Q.}I'm doing this as a gift for my partner. What would you suggest I give?

{A.} This is an easy one! ALBUMS. Its the most perfect gift. Elegant, discreet and fits perfectly in a bedside drawer. Ranging from 10 to unlimited images an album is a portable way to include just what you want in the way you want. You can even write your own personal inscription.


NEPA nude male photographer, Catawissa, PA Boudoir Photographer
{Q.}I am a school teacher/pastor/high-profile politician/celebrity and I can't have the photos leaked. Can you work with me?

{A.}Of course. We will NEVER use anything without your permission. Please do not stress about this. You have full control. However, if you haven't noticed my work is very classy and beautiful. And we have found that our clients love showing them off. So, in the event, you are super proud of your amazing image and you do permit me to include them in my portfolio. Please know that your real name will never be used in any form and I will never tag you on social media. I'm excellent at keeping secrets and you can even have control over what DATE the images can be used….so if it is a super secret gift…you can rest assured…your secret is safe with me.

{Q.}Do you photograph couples?

{A.}Yes! Absolutely! I love photographing the intimacy between a couple. I want my couples to re-discover each other. I want them to connect on a whole new level. I love to photograph the soft touches, the secret grin and most of all the love and passion for each other.

{Q.}Will you use my images on your website portfolio?

{A.}I, of course, would love to show your AMAZING beautiful images in my portfolio. However, I completely understand that you may not be comfortable. Rest assured I only show images that I have been given permission to show. You are in complete control of what you are comfortable with. Some clients are happy to let me choose the images and some have some restrictions. Whatever feels right to you works for me.:)

{Q.}How far in advance should I book?

{A.}Well this is completely up to you. However, the earlier the better. I only take 10 sessions maximum a month so I often book up months in advance. Fridays always go first so keep that in mind. Also, If an order is needed back by a specific date please plan on scheduling your session at least 6-8 weeks in advance of the date. If it is within 6 weeks, please give me  a call  to see if we can accommodate and make sure the images and product can be delivered by the date needed.

{Q.}How far in advance should I DO my session if I'm giving it as a gift on a specific day?

{A.}Wow! Someone must be very special to getting you all wrapped up as a gift! So yes, if you need it for a specific date we suggest scheduling your session no later than 6-8 weeks in advance. Our albums are custom made and we want to give enough time plus a little buffer.

{Q.}Can I get digital images?

{A.}Yes! They are a part of each collection I offer. I also offer web/watermarked images for sharing on social media!


{Q.}I have never done this before. Will you help me prepare?

{A.}YES, of course! You are not alone. I am here for you every step of the way to answer every question and be your personal coach. Its gonna be great!

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Ready to Book Your Session?

NEPA & Spokane Valley Boudoir Photographer. Kristi James Boudoir will be relocating to the Spokane area summer of 2020, but his now accepting bookings and will be traveling there several times.  Kristi is still serving NEPA until summer of 2020.

Kristi James Boudoir offers beautiful, moody, meaningful boudoir portraits for men, women, and couples. Kristi James Boudoir does not offer pornography and only photographs implied nudity and sex. If you are looking for porno this is the wrong place.

Kristi James Boudoir loves to make each experience fun and empowering for each person. We will joke around, hang out, chat, have a vent session, whatever you want your intimate session to be. I encourage you to ask questions in order to help you feel more comfortable.

Be sure to book your boudoir session at least 4-6 weeks in advance to ensure you have your products and portraits back in the time you will want them. Kristi books out months in advance, as does the makeup artist(MUA) and hair stylist. NEPA & Spokane Valley Boudoir Photographer encourages you to book the MUA and hair stylist add on with your premium package. This will only enhance your session. And you get to be pampered for a day, you know we all love that!

Kristi James Boudoir is still booking for NEPA & Spokane Valley Boudoir Photographer. Serving the NEPA area until Summer 2020. Do not forget to book your boudoir session in time for a Christmas gift or a Valentine Gift. It takes 4-6 weeks during those peak seasons to receive your product after ordering.

To view a bit more about your session you can visit the services page.

You can view more information over on my info page!

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