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Smiles With Love – Okinawa Couples Photographer

Smiles With Love – Okinawa Couples Photographer – Yes it was in the evening. Yes they are in love. No I could not get them to be serious. Not even for one second. There was always a smile to be had, a giggle to be laughed and a snoopy puppy in the rear (the one in the yard near us). No really it was adorable, just like these two. I’ll let you in on a secret, she is my sons teacher. He adores her. She is wonderful and I found that her husband is just as wonderful. A perfect pair. We traveled to the far off, small streets of Okinawa for this session. Okay so it was across the street from the military base, but it was still the small streets in Okinawa. We had conversations about bits and pieces of our lives. We talked about how we came from the same military base before this duty station. We talked about our up coming moves. Yup we’re both moving soon. Starting new adventures on opposite sides of the United States. We talked about how my son will miss his awesome teacher dearly when we move. My oldest really likes her, he likes her so much he cries when he thinks about leaving and not having her as his teacher.
From the moment we started our long short journey I could tell these two really really love each other. We got some happy smiling shots and I thought it would be good to throw in some serious, romantic shots in there as well and it did not happen. J tried and tried and tried to be serious and it just didn’t happen. I think he’s the only Marine that I have met that can’t be serious at some point. According to him, he’s the one smiling in his military photo. You see, normally those photos are very serious and that carries on throughout their career. Nope, not him. That evening there was lots of love and smiles.
Smiles With Love - Okinawa Couples Photographer

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