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Oh Johnny Boy you are so beautiful. Meet Johnny! He came to see me today at the tender age of 6 days old. He weighed 6lbs 15oz. Such a small little guy. I remember when my babies were that small. That is long ago though. I miss it.
His mamma is a friend of mine. I met her through another great friend of mine. She is a part of Studio BAD. If you need your hair done in Okinawa you should totally check them out. Brie(mommy) and Debbie are AMAZING!
I am completely honored to be able to photograph this handsome little guy! Let me tell you, he is a spitting image of his daddy! I couldn’t believe how much he looked like his daddy. Now I was expecting him to not sleep because the last couple boys I photographed did not want to sleep! Boy was I wrong! He slept so good! He was such a bendy, sleepy, perfect little guy. This handsome little guy is SO LOVED! His mommy is so in love with him. Kiss after kiss… I had to gently take pry him from her kisses to get the shots 🙂 I’m only teasing.. sort of. And his daddy.. well he was all smiles and so very very helpful. You can see how excited he was to have his boy. Oh wait, then there is grandma… she took every chance she could to hold and cuddle cute little Johnny. Sadly she will have to leave back to the states in a couple of weeks. I think it is so wonderful she could come out to Okinawa and be able to spend some quality time with her grandkids. Needless to say he is very loved and I’m thinking spoiled as well 🙂 Brie and Devon thanks for sharing handsome little Johnny with me today. I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

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