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Have ya met Liberty? You might have if you have been following my blog for a year! Yup this little beauty is ONE!! I had the amazing opportunity to take her newborn photos when she was 6 weeks old. She was such a good baby! Slept and posed for us just how we wanted. You can see her as a newborn HERE and HERE Wasn’t she just absolutely precious. I was absolutely honored that her mommy wanted me to take her one year photos as well. It only happened by chance. You see beautiful Liberty was graced with a precious baby sister 10 days before she turned one! Her itty bitty beautiful sister is in the NICU right now. They had to come all the way from Guam to stay at the best NeoNatal unit in the pacific. They had just moved to Guam not too long ago and now they are back and it’s a bitter sweet. We wish sister wasn’t born early, but we are happy she is doing so well AND I’m am extremely happy I got to see this AMAZING AMAZING family again! I am extremely happy I got to spend the evening with silly, precious, beautiful Liberty! I tell you what, I had such a blast with these guys. This night was all about Liberty! I walked in and she was full of smiles and giggles and squeals of happiness. We chatted a bit about her latest silliness and about her new sister. Once we got out to the location Liberty was as straight faced as could be. We were all making these awfully goofy noises and jumping around and shaking toys and singing songs and reciting books and not one thing would make her smile! We tried for and hour to make her smile. Nothing we did would make her smile. She was more interested in eating the grass. Finally at the end Daddy was able to make her smile for about 30 seconds! I adore this little girl! Her family is such a strong and blessed family! Thank you Aaron and Brook for sharing such an amazing little girl with me for a few hours.

This is the look we got for an hour.

xoxo Kristi

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