Day 1• Self Portrait | 30 Day Photography Challenge

So.. it’s day one, is it? I ALMOST forgot about it. Not because it’s not important to me, it’s because it’s been one heck of a week. Our TMO or the rest of our housing stuff came in from Okinawa on Tuesday. It’s been a roller coaster since. We were so excited to our stuff and were sadly devastated when we opened up our couches and found mold 🙁 Now we are fighting to get new furniture paid for. We’ll see if we win that battle. So this is me.. RAW.. no makeup, hair not done, hair not brushed, heck… I don’t remember when I last showered…Just kidding I do, but I feel like I haven’t showered in two weeks. All this dust on stuff is grody. Stuff was unpacked by the movers and just thrown.. no organization at all. So I have been hard at work getting things back in order and still have a ways to go. Well, Day one.. just raw 🙂

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