Day 2 • What You Wore | 30 Day Photography Challenge

OY! Day 2… What You Wore.. So I thought about doing the literal meaning of “what you wore”, but then thought it’s just not what I am feeling today. Today my photo reflects me wearing my strength. Putting my big girl panties on and taking care of life. I wore my strength when standing up to the people not wanting to replace my moldy furniture. Today I wore my strength when I missed my husband. I was strong for my children. I didn’t cry, I didn’t have a pity party. As a military wife I have to wear my strength a lot. Long periods of time without my husband by my side. I am so grateful right now that my husband at least gets to come home and sleep in the same bed as me at night. So many are without their loved ones right now. Thank you Deni for bringing that to my attention today! I missed my husband on nights when he was deployed. Even though he works long hours now.. he will at least be coming home to give me a kiss goodnight, reassure me everything will be okay and give me a hug. I am grateful for that. That is where my strength comes from. Bless all those that serve in the Military and their families that are left behind at times. Enjoy your weekend.

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