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Addison has been coming to see me since she was born! And now she is 9 months old. Well.. a few months ago. I have enjoyed each session with her. I have loved watching her grow. She is a super happy baby. Until…. I pull out the camera. Then she get mad and grumpy and just unhappy. She tends to cry because she doesn’t want to have anything to do with it. This time she was doing great until we put her in her tutu. Yup that did it. That made her cry. It was just too cute not to capture for mom to remember. For her to see when she gets older. I always love looking back at my memories of my kids. You can look back on her newborn session, 3 months, and 6 months(apparently I didn’t blog).I’ll have to fix that. Enjoy her 9 month session for now. Oh and if your wondering about her SUPER cute headbands… HER MOM MADE THEM!! Not only is she a talented makeup artist… she is super talented at making these adorable head bands. You can find her headbands HERE at Baby Buddha Bowtique and her makeup HERE at GlamourEyes Allison Barlow.

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