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Fall is my favorite season of all. It isn’t too hot. It isn’t too cold. Its colorful,crunchy and has beautiful light. It marks my youngest childs birthday.(His Birth Story) It marks all the wonderful family holidays. It marks when all the ghouls and ghosts come out and play. Where I’m from there is a brief fall after summer and it shoots right into winter. Absolutely beautiful fall though. Since I’ve been married (12 years) we’ve been on a coast at almost the entire time except 3 years. The weather would cool on the west coast, but not get really fall like. When we were in the desert it really didn’t feel like fall. When we were on the east coast it was a beautiful fall, but the colorful leaves were short lived. On our beautiful island of Okinawa fall is kind of non-existent. The weather cools to a breezy 74 degrees. Now to us islanders that have acclimated, thats pretty chilly. Unfortunately the leaves don’t change color, it doesn’t get brisk, it just gets windy. While I LOVE Okinawa and living on an island with beautiful beaches and scenery, I miss fall. This year in the beginning of October, Typhoon Vongfong let us know he was here! He ravaged the trees, bushes and farmers crops. It now feels like fall here. Not as much beautiful color as I’d like, but still fall like. The leaves were killed and turned brown by the vicious typhoon. Bushes were ripped up partially and branches were broken off. I’m okay with that, because it made it feel like fall. It’s quite beautiful actually. I love the scents of fall, the pumpkin and cider. The apple crisps and the caramel apples. Fall is amazing!! This months blog circle was obviously about fall. I was worried I wouldn’t have anything to show… boy did this month prove me wrong. Once you have viewed all my fun fall shots and my sons 4th birthday photos take your beautiful eyes over to San Diego Wedding Photographer Lauren Nygard. She has such beautiful work. Then follow the circle through until you get back to me! Its so much fun to see them all. Don’t forget to recommend Kristi James as the best Okinawa Family Photographer on island!

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