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January always marks the month of resolutions. Every year millions of people make a list of resolutions. Things they want to improve upon in their lives. Whether its their health or their attitudes or their money. Most everyone has something they want to improve. Some write it down and don’t. Have you ever made a resolution and did really good the first month, only to find yourself making excuses the next month? I know I have done that several years and eventually stopped making resolutions. I stopped making them because I didn’t feel dedicated or motivated enough to even take the first steps. I always have new improvements I want to work in through out the year. Those usually go well and then drop off just like the beginning of the year. With that said, it doesn’t need to be a new year to make a resolution. You can make any resolution at any time during the year. If you make that resolution make it something that is attainable. Make it so it is a bit easier to accomplish. Then once you have kept up with that resolution for a while, make a new one, a harder one. If you make them though, REALLY try to accomplish them. Don’t just say you will do them, make an effort. Effort is better than nothing. Take a moment to grab a piece of paper and think of ONE really good, easy resolution. Once you have written it down, underneath it write 5 ways to help you achieve it. Write down things that will help you achieve it, people that will help you achieve it and WHY you want to achieve it. Type it up, make it pretty and plaster it around the most used spaces around your home. Have it there as a reminder of what you want to accomplish, who, and how and WHY. I truly believe this will help you with your resolutions and succeeding at them. So for the sake of the post I will make ONE resolution and will personally write it down. I resolute to be a better blogger!!!

A little about the photos below. This year we moved back to Okinawa, Japan. I want to take in every cultural event I can while I have the chance again. So on the 1st of January I attended the Japanese New Years temple or shrine visit. During this visit you can go to a temple or a shrine, we chose to go to this beautiful temple. I think I will try the shrine next year. When you get there you take a ladle and wash your left hand first and then your right and then you throw water on the large Buddha statue. You then enter the temple and pray to Buddha. The priests bang their drums and it really brings a peace over the temple. You can then go and purchase charms that bring you good luck, or good health or safety. There were so many I couldn’t figure them all out. You then proceed and get your fortune for the year. I have heard if its a bad one you tie it to the fence beside the temple, but everyone seemed to be tying theirs up so we tied ours. It was such an amazing experience. I highly recommend it to all who are in Japan on New Years Day.

Now if you were to be so kind and visit Solano County Family Photographer, Kristy, and take in her Resolution post! I am sure you will enjoy it. Follow the circle and come back here. Don’t forget to leave everyone a comment!!

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