Day 26 | Gavin DeGraw

Day 26 | Gavin Degraw

WOW! What an amazing concert Gavin Degraw put on for us here in Okinawa! Thank you MCCS Okinawa Entertainment for putting on the concert! Of course I was way early, gotta get that front row seat! I got my front row seat. You better believe that! What an awesome show he put on. I have been to quite a few concerts since we arrived back in Okinawa and I must say this was my favorite! I went to Daughtry when I first got here and they were great too. Gavin  and his band rocked it tonight. He was so energetic and into his songs! He’s not to bad to look at either. 😉 Don’t lie, you know you checked him out too! This pains me to write this, but before a few days ago I didn’t know what he sang. I of course had to listen to his stuff before hand and of course it was a ton of stuff that I already LOVED!! I just never knew who sang it. I’m all about the songs, but forget to find out who the artist is. I love so many of his songs and not ONE disappointed me tonight. They were all absolutely beautiful songs. I loved that he played a variety of energetic songs and some mellow songs. They were all amazing! I will definitely be following his work from now on! I also found out he is going on tour with Shania Twain. Its the, “Rock This Country Tour.” One of my all time favorite female artists!! I totally grew up listening to her AND her song, ” From This Moment On,” was my wedding song! I really wish I could see the two of them in concert together. I’m sure that would be an absolutely EPIC concert to attend. So to all of you that do get to attend it, I’M SO JEALOUS!!

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