Have You Taken a Selfie?

Have you taken a selfie lately? I mean a really great selfie? Last fall, selfie’s were all the rage and probably still are. However, my selfie was taken with my big ol professional camera and not my crappy iPhone. I instantly fell in love. I rarely like photos of myself. I always find that one thing I don’t like. These photos made me so so happy. I absolutely loved them. I was already dressed up for a dining in event with my husband, so I was already dressed up. You don’t have to be all dressed up to get beautiful photos of yourself. I plan on doing another selfie session  without makeup in the very near future. I thought to myself, if I can make one person{myself} feel amazing about themselves I have done a great job! I’ve done a few selfie sessions for other people since then. I am in love with them. Some would call them a headshot session, but I think selfie is more accurate. Its how you see yourself that matters. I want every woman to feel beautiful and if they want, sexy. I offer boudoir, but this is a little different than boudoir. We aren’t going 100% for sexy the entire time. We are going for beautiful, confident, sexy, unique during these selfie sessions. I would love to be able to do do more for women. I love boudoir, but I also love these. So if you have wanted boudoir, but aren’t quite comfortable enough to do that, then I think a selfie session is perfect for you. Make sure to contact me to schedule yours. Its a fun, relaxed session. I want you to be comfortable and have a great time. Having a great time brings out even more beauty and your true personality. We can do in my studio or outdoors!
My beautiful models:
Myself : Makeup by Summer-Johnson Makeup Artist
Candace Castor of Candace Castor Photography
Dani Pfarr of Dani Pfarr Photography

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Kristi James
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Serving NEPA, Central, PA and surrounding areas.
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