Day 59 | Bios On The Hill

Day 59 | Bios On The Hill

Today we took a field trip to one of the places I have wanted to go for years. We never made it last time we lived here. It was either too hot or my kids were too little and crazy and I was by myself. So I am super happy we could do this trip today. Kayli had gone for a school field trip before, but no one else had been.  I knew a bit of what to expect, but it far exceeded my expectations. It wasn’t even the little activities they had, but the beauty. I loved that they had trails everywhere to explore. When you enter you either walk down a hill or ride down an elevator to the beginning of your trip around the facility. We wanted to start off with the boat ride. We did a bit of exploring on the way to the boat docks. The kids were already having a blast. Once the boat was ready to go we hopped on for the ride. It was a 25 minute little ride. We got to see an ox and a Japanese dancing lady. I’m unsure of what was said or who the woman was because the tour was in Japanese. He sounded like funny tour guide though. After that we attempted stilts, played on their insanely large tree swings and park made of trees. We did some hiking and then enjoyed some ice cream and a fish spa. The fish spa was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. You dip your feet in and the fish eat all the dead skin of your feet. It sounds gross and feel SUPER weird. The kids must have not had a lot of dead skin because they didn’t get many on their feet. I had lots though :/ More pedicures will be in my future!  To find more information in English about Bios On The Hill you can do that HERE!

Oh and then Jesse had his first ever baseball practice!! He was pretty excited.

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