I wanted to do some super cool stuff with motion. August was an INSANE & INTENSE month. It was definitely full of motion. Running here and there and back and forth. I don’t know about you, but my kids are almost always in moving. They are running around crazy and full of energy. I wish I could be  like that more.  I really wanted to find a good poem with motion in it and I couldn’t find one. They were all just silly or no movement in it at all.  Anyway, I told the kiddos we were going outside to jump and play and leap. They did just that. They got in motion and started jumping and twirling around and leaping. It was hilarious to watch. They had fun too so that makes it even better. I used my Lensbaby with the Edge 80 Optic. I really love that lens. I need to learn to use it better. Goal set… work on it more.

This post is from my circle of blogs that does a monthly theme. I cannot wait to see what everyone else comes up with for it. Last month nobody was able to post. Hoping we have a good turn out this month. So I would highly suggest following the circle, leaving some love on the blogs and enjoy the circle that has been put into motion. Visit Vancouver WA Photographer, Brooke Hazel of Dream Baby Photography!


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