Cozy | Okinawa Couples Photographer

Cozy | Okinawa Couples Photographer

I had great plans for this session that involved a blanket and some cuddling and snuggling to get all cozy. In all my excitement for this cozy couples session I raced up the top of the castle and forgot my blanket in the car. Way to go me! I wasn’t about to trek down that massive thing and grab it out of the car. We made due and ended up with a pretty amazing session regardless. We only had about 45 minutes to work with before the sun set and we made it work. Its much easier to do lots of stuff with couples in a shorter amount of time because they can follow directions.
Dane was pretty much forced to be there by us, but I truly believe he had fun with it. I swear these two were made to be models and in magazines. I hardly had to do any directing. They were so natural and amazing together.
The theme for this months blog circle is cozy and I wanted this one to be great. I got too busy the other months, almost every month to do what I originally had planned for each one. That was not about to happen this month. I had a SUPER busy month anyway, but made time for this and made sure to have a fantastic blog post this month. Unfortunately, everyone in the circle got way to busy this month as well to do a post. So this month it is just me and Okinawa Couple and Family Photographer, Candace Castor Photography and  myself!  I hope our awesomeness makes up for the circle. Mine was a pretty amazing session and it made me want to do a ton more couples sessions in certain locations  I have in mind.
So here is the the gorgeous Mindy and the handsome Dane for completely killing this session!!! I couldn’t have asked for a better evening!!
Mindy worked really hard on designing the Okinawa Hai Calendar for 2016. You can buy one HERE!

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