India Turns One

India turns one! I couldn’t believe it was already time for India’s first birthday shoot. I did her newborns last year and  I swear that year flew by. I’m sure it flew by for her mom as well. It always amazes me how fast these little ones grow. I feel like its especially fast because I’m not there to see them grow each day. So I see them as teeny tiny babies and then BAM these grown adorable little toddlers. Some walking and some not. Some are professional crawlers. India was a professional crawler and was fast as can be. She was so adorable and wanted to do nothing but touch my camera. She ate a bit of cake but would see that camera and come crawling so fast at my camera I barely caught her in time.
We did start out at the beach  and she was trying as hard as she could to crawl away as fast as she could. She loved being at the beach with her big brother. He was so cute with her. She probably would have stayed there and ate sand all night long.
I hope to be able to see India again for another shoot in the future, she has been such a pleasure to photograph.



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