Intimate Boudoir

I absolutely love photographing women intimately. I love being able to make them feel beautiful and see just how gorgeous they are. To capture each curve,part of their body, feature. Women are sexy and beautiful. Few think they are. Some are very confident with their body. There is just something about a sexy intimate boudoir session.  I really enjoy photographing women in this way. Photographing the characteristics their significant other loves about them or that they love about themselves. You can even have your partner join you. Show the intimate love between the two of you. Not only is it even better when your partner joins you, its something to spice up your relationship and discover new ways of viewing each other.

Another amazing time  is  when you’re pregnant and glowing. Nothing better than a gorgeous pregnancy glow to add to your beauty.

“Boudoir is really just a name. Isn’t it? I mean, it’s so differently interpreted. Changes so easily between person to person.

Some want a session for their significant other. Some want a session for themselves. There isn’t a wrong idea or answer. Boudoir isn’t scary, isn’t nerve wracking, boudoir is a feeling. And it’s FUN. It is EMPOWERING.

I want you to feel GORGEOUS, because you ARE. I don’t care if that’s in a floor length gown, lingerie, or a plain white tshirt! I’ll tell you what: those “tomorrow I will do”‘s don’t matter, the 5 pounds you hate won’t matter, and the YOU that you are NOW is important. The you that you are NOW is ENOUGH. 

Love your self.” — Jessica Max Boudoir

How to Book your Intimate Boudoir Session!!

I would love to shoot more boudoir in 2016! So if you would like to book your boudoir session you can do that HERE!!

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Kristi James
Newborn | Family | Couples | Boudoir photographer
Serving Bloomsburg, PA and surrounding areas.
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