LOOK at those muscles!!!

Muscles | Day 1
This child of mine. I know I’ve posted so much with him, but he is my muse. He still loves to get photos taken and entertains my crazy, silly ideas!  He has the most incredible definition in his muscles at such a young age. Literally the detailed muscles that come out when he is flexing and moving is amazing! If you didn’t notice before in the beginning of the paragraph, the numbered day, you will now. I am doing another 30 day challenge, that may go more than just he 30 days. It helps me pass time and helps me grow and see the little everyday things. This time around I hope to become more moody and artistic. I want to pay more attention to detail. I have been so sad lately that all my littles are growing up. They no longer have time to take photos for mom. They want to do their own thing or straight up make the most horrible faces if they do cooperate. I started this journey taking photos of my children. Thats all I have known is free spirited, young, careless children. Now, they are no longer the free spirited they used to be. They are growing up.

I will take more photos of the littles and even the bigs. They are my life. While the everyday to someone else may not mean as much, the every day to me is precious. I swore my children would never grow up, but here we are…. growing up. My littlest, thank goodness will still be little for a while. Once he starts school, real big kid school, I know he will grow further away from me as the older children did when they started. I no longer have my exploring buddy, my chatter buddy or my lunch date. I don’t want to take anything for granted.

If you are interested in capturing your little one in their normal everyday, I would LOVE to do that!! You can book that milestone mini session HERE. Don’t forget to check out my Facebook page either!!

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