Sweet Boy

Sweet Boy | Day 3
This sweet, sweet boy is a sunshine in my life. He is one of the sweetest boys I have ever met in my life. He is one of the happiest boy I have ever met. Him and his little brother are so much alike, thats why I say one of. This one though… he is my challenge as well. He is such a stinker and knows how to get away with just about murder. Yet he does the teasing and the naughty stuff to get our attention. He is full of it. My little joker. He likes to joke and tease. He is my daredevil, must do all the dangerous things. He is my if you say I can’t do it, I will prove to you I can do it.

He may be young, but I’m pretty sure he knows how to treat a lady. He planned months in advance to ask his friend to the Valentines dance at school. He knew he wanted to and told me he thought she might say yes. I told him it would be up to her parents if she could go. The time came to ask her to the dance and he wrote her a cute little note. She of course asked her parents and they gave her permission.(I had gave her mom the heads up when he initially told me). He was so excited when she said yes. My husband and him immediately made plans to get a nice outfit and they learned to tie a tie and did the cologne thing. It was adorable. I absolutely loved seeing them talk about being a gentleman and opening doors and such. Anyway, he is always thinking of others ( sweet and to tease them). He brought me a plate of shrimp and sauce in the shape of a heart the other day. You know what I love the most though, is that he is always happy. He always has a smile and is giggling ALL THE TIME!!! I LOVE that!!! I hope he stays that way!

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