Lacrosse| Day 6

Today marked the first game day of lacrosse season. It was a challenge to make sure all four kids were ready and had all their gear ready to go my no later than 7a.m. The husband is gone again, so this sport is all on me. All four kids ended up playing. It was only supposed to be my oldest. On the way to gear sizing he talked my 2nd oldest into playing. My 3rd then decided she wanted to play. I tried to convince her to stick with cheer, but she wasn’t having that. And of course my 4th wanted to play because everyone else was. I told him that five was too young and they wouldn’t let him play. The two younger had accepted what I had told them. When we arrived and I started filling out paperwork for the 2nd, my 4th saw on the paper that 5 year olds could play. He said, “See mom! Five year olds can too play”. He said it in the most adorable way, how could I say no? I couldn’t say no to just my daughter, so she was signed up that day as well. What a hit to the pocket book. Luckily, having that many kids playing the sport, they allowed me a percentage off the fees. That was a godsend. Helped make the decision a little bit easier.

So today games started at 8a.m. with my two youngest on the Cavaliers team(Numbers 7 & 5). I was so happy they were playing together. My daughter started out as goalie. She did fantastic! She kept quite a few balls out of the goal. The second half she was killing it on the field. She was so into the game and was getting in down and dirty, getting knocked down and pushed around. She held her own and totally rocked it. My youngest, he was the BOMB!! I was so dang proud of him!! He was so into the game and acted like he had been playing for YEARS. He got ahold of the ball quite a few times and ran it down field and as he was getting ready to throw it to the goal it was knocked out of his hand. Towards the end I think he was tired from playing the whole game and kept tapping out for drinks. I was so darn proud of these two! The two I was so unsure of, and they played fantastic.

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Next my 2nd oldest son played his game(Number 50). He started out defending the goal with two others and the goalie. He did a fantastic job and blocking that ball from even getting to the goalie. I was so proud of him. He then played goalie in the second half and did another fantastic job at that. Let a few by, but no worries, he got the hang of it and kicked butt. He also played a second game later in the day and played goalie again and ROCKED IT!!! He then was able to get on the field and was dominating the field. I couldn’t have been a prouder mommOkinawa  Photographer_0783Okinawa  Photographer_0784Okinawa  Photographer_0789Okinawa  Photographer_0804Okinawa youth lacrosseOkinawa  Photographer_0792Okinawa LacrosseLacrosse

And last my oldest son played(Number 43). There are so many on his team that they don’t all get a lot of play time. He got about 5 minutes if that of play time. He luckily is ok with that, I’m totally not. I understand though. When he got put out, it was yet again to a position he hadn’t played and didn’t know what to do. He was supposed to be defending the goal with the others ,but instead chased that ball down the field. Its ok buddy, you did awesome at that! After that they took him out for the rest of the game. I just love it when I go to my sons game to watch him sit on the sidelines. I’m still so proud of him and can’t wait to see how his next game goes!!

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