Self Portrait

Self Portrait | Day 7

It was long day of cleaning the house and getting laundry done. Laundry now consists of taking 6 peoples laundry to the laundromat. Let me tell you its fun ;). We sit there for about 4 hours sometimes more if people are there and do our laundry. The plus side is that it all gets done in one day and put away immediately and I’m not doing laundry all week. We have a Japanese washer and dryer and the washer does an ok job. The dryer just sucks. It takes all day to dry one load. With all this rain we have had I can’t put the laundry out to dry, so we go the laundromat. Anyway, I needed something for today for my photo. I finished showering and thought, hey self portrait would work perfectly. Off I went to accomplish that. And yes I’m in my pajamas. They’re really comfy. Night.

Self PortraitKT7A1208_Okinawa Family Photography-Kristi JamesKT7A1211_Okinawa Family Photography-Kristi JamesKT7A1215_Okinawa Family Photography-Kristi James

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