February snuck up on me like it was cool. All through the month, without even thinking I was doing post after post of flowers!!! What was I thinking?  Don’t forget the flowers here and here.  I forgot to save them all for this post! Once I realized this I was pretty sad. I knew I would have to take some more photos of flowers. Let’s call February the month of the flowers for me. So many photos of them everywhere. I bought some roses and baby’s breath and a few others with high hopes and plans to get them taken before they died. Life totally got in the way and I was slammed with work and life. They slowly died as I watched them wither away on my kitchen countertop.

Every day I would walk past and say, “Today is the day I will take my flower pictures.” It never happened. The sad pretty little flowers withered away and died.  Sometimes in life, we end up like these flowers. Not taking care of ourselves or like me just being so busy with life that I slowly wither away. Slowly dying. Then one day you sit and wonder why you are not happy. Why you are sad and droopy. You didn’t water and take care of yourself. I have recently rediscovered that I need time for myself. To water the garden I’m raising, to take time to sit in the sun and take in the warmth. Imagine yourself somewhere warm, somewhere sunny. Close your eyes, look up towards the sky and feel the warmth of the sun on your petals and on your face. Doesn’t it feel amazing?  Did I lose you yet? I get thinking when I’m writing these some times and dream of the places I want to be and the warmth. I miss the warmth. It has been cold far too long on this pretty little island. I need my sun and my warmth and my water to grow and be happy!

To see more stunning photos follow the links around our blog circle. The first stop is over at my dear friend Candace Castor, Okinawa Family Photographer!!!

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