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Kristi James -Photographer

When you hire a photographer (Kristi James -Photographer), most of you expect they will edit the photos to look the best that they can. Some photographers let you choose your images before they are edited. Then they will edit the ones you choose to purchase and deliver them. Others, like me; Kristi James-Photographer; prefer to edit all the images that I feel  you will love. I will also edit the images that I love.  This way you see them all finished and you aren’t left guessing what they will look like in the end. I know my clients LOVE seeing their images in a finished state. They just look amazing and give you the excited and happy feelings.

Why do I edit your photographs fully before letting you see them?

I want you to love your images from the moment you see them till the moment you, well… join the angels. So when you receive your photos from me you should expect them to look amazing. I am  sure you wouldn’t want to go to the store expecting to buy a phone and then they hand it to you the screen is missing or the buttons missing. You would be mad and disappointed. You wouldn’t LOVE it. You may not even know what to do with it. In the end you couldn’t use it. While you could “use” the unedited photos, they wouldn’t mean much and would be able to be used to their full capability like the phone couldn’t.

I have put together some examples of how your images go from oh to WOW  when they come from the camera to the end result of being edited. These before and after photographs are of my beautiful daughter. I hope she outgrows the make a goofy face at the camera stage really soon. These are about the only ones she isn’t doing a “scary or goofy face”.

If you enjoyed this version of Kristi James-Photographer | Before & After stick around the blog for more posts during the eighty days of summer. You can view more of my Okinawa family portraiture here! If you would love to see your own family in these gorgeous photos drop me a line by clicking here! *Disclaimer* I only have 2 fall weekend dates left for family photographs in Okinawa and very limited dates left during the week in the fall. Newborn spots are open for July and September.

Kristi James -Photographer pinimage Before & After | Kristi James-Photographerpinimage black and white before & after imagespinimage before & after color photographpinimage natural light before & afterpinimage before & after of gorgeous girlpinimage

Kristi James
Newborn | Family | Couples | Boudoir photographer
Serving Bloomsburg, PA and surrounding areas.
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  • June 18, 2016 - 12:43 pm

    Candace Castor - These are beautiful and a GREAT example of the amount work that goes into each image. As a photographer, we care a great deal about your images and want them to be the very best of the best and would never serve you a raw hamburger that you ordered! 😉

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