Okinawa Newborn Photography | Henry

Okinawa Newborn Photography | Henry

Okinawa Newborn Photography is a passion of mine. I am absolutely honored to be given the opportunity to photograph newborn babies. I love being able to offer  studio Okinawa newborn photography. I have offered newborn photography for 6 years now. Each year learning something new and coming up with new setups.

Can we get a family photograph as well, even though it’s a newborn photography session?

Yes, yes and yes! I wouldn’t have it any other way. Including the whole family in a few shots I think is just as important. I also love to get sibling shots IF we can. As we know, siblings may not always cooperate and we just have to go with it. While I can only do one set up for families and siblings, I do want to try to make sure we get them. I promise you won’t regret getting photos with your newborn.

Are some of the poses safe?

I take newborn safety very very seriously. I do all poses with the safety of the newborn in mind. If I don’t have an assistant that day, I do ask parents to assist me for some of the more difficult poses that I need multiple shots. I also need assistance if I am unable to be close enough to baby.


How do you get the poses that have baby “balancing” by themselves?

Some of the  shots you see are actually composites. A composite is when you take multiple shots of a setup with someone holding baby in different spots to get the overall shot. They are then combined in Photoshop to make one flawless/handless photo. There are a few of my poses that are ALWAYS done this way. Especially when baby has their head in their hands like a froggy pose. I like to have someone with hands on baby if they are in a bucket, box or bowl in case they flinch. I do not want baby to go anywhere.


Henry was such a good baby boy. He was so cute and chunky and MANLY. Oh he was manly. I love when the newborn boys come to me and look so manly. You couldn’t mistake them for baby girls at all. He had such manly hands too, I loved it! Enjoy this absolutely gorgeous family!!

If you would like to view more of my Okinawa Newborn Photography you can do that here, or if you just have questions, drop me a line here and ask away.

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