Natural Light Beach Maternity Photographer Okinawa Japan

Natural Light Beach Maternity

One thing about living in Okinawa is the abundance of beaches!! This land has some of the most gorgeous beaches and water around. I love that I am able to continue being a natural light beach maternity photographer!!! There are certain times of the year I prefer the lighting at the beach.  March is one month I love shooting at the beach. It isn’t hot and it isn’t too cold. It has a beautiful  buttery yellow light to it thats a bit more subtle than the summer yellow light.

This natural light beach maternity session was beautiful with that light buttery yellow glow. Angela was stunning. She wanted a bit of blue and then I talked her into the pink/peach really tight fitted lace gown. It fit perfectly with her husbands denim shirt and mustard pants. The pair were made for each other.

They walked and chatted about what I can only assume is how excited they are to welcome their daughter into their lives. He made her smile and giggle and I saw an abundance of love. I just knew these two would make amazing parents together. We chatted a bit about their lives and how they met. I love hearing stories of how couples met and their story.

I love that I get to photograph a part of their story in their lives. Its a blessing to see these amazing couples together and then to add the love of a child to the family is absolutely beautiful. I am so glad these two chose me as their maternity photographer and newborn photographer. Stay tuned for another blog with their adorable baby girl Luna at a later time.

natural-light-beach-maternity black and whitepinimage natural-light-beach-maternity denim shirtpinimage natural-light-beach-maternity touching bellypinimage natural-light-beach-maternity golden glowpinimage natural-light-beach-maternity holding each other pinimage natural-light-beach-maternity coming out of waterpinimage natural-light-beach-maternity husband and wifepinimage natural-light-beach-maternity snuggles pinimage natural-light-beach-maternity holding handspinimage natural-light-beach-maternity ocean waterpinimage natural-light-beach-maternity triptych pinimage natural-light-beach-maternity black and white bellypinimage natural-light-beach-maternity standing on rockpinimage natural-light-beach-maternity standing together pinimage natural-light-beach-maternity looking at bellypinimage natural-light-beach-maternity green waterpinimage natural-light-beach-maternity pink lace dresspinimage natural-light-beach-maternity gentle kissespinimage natural-light-beach-maternity in Okinawapinimage natural-light-beach-maternity sitting on the rockpinimage natural-light-beach-maternity in the waterpinimage natural-light-beach-maternity couple on a rockpinimage natural-light-beach-maternity on a rock in a dresspinimage natural-light-beach-maternity big rockpinimage natural-light-beach-maternity couples silhouettepinimage natural-light-beach-maternity silhouettepinimage natural-light-beach-maternity sunset silhouette pinimage

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