We’re Moving… Across The World

We’re Moving… Across The World

That’s right, you read that right!! We’re Moving… Across The World! Can you believe it? I am still a bit in shock. You may wonder why I am shocked? You’ve moved across the world twice before Kristi, whats so different this time? Well this time is so much different than any other move we have done. We have always moved to another military community, with like minded people and you’re forced into this military family. You will most likely automatically have stuff in common with everyone. We have been a part of the military community for the last 15 years as a family. This next move will move us mostly out of the military community. It will be 1/4 the size we are used to being around, if not less. We are being thrown into the civilian world and ways. We as adults have never been in the civilian world! We aren’t sure how it REALLY works or goes. So naturally we are nervous and super excited.

You’re probably wondering where we are heading and if he’ll still be in the military. I will announce location SOON, and YES he will still be in the military. He has a few more years until retirement. This is our step towards his retirement though. We’ll be buying our forever home and hopefully it will stay that way.

This state wasn’t on our top 10 places to live, heck it wasn’t even on our radar. It IS the right job for my husband and our family though. So we’ll take it. I see lots of things to do and places to travel. There is SO much history in this state. OH did I mention four seasons!! While I enjoy the look and feel of four seasons, I only love 3 seasons and one doesn’t include winter. Unfortunately for me winter is huge there. Are you ready?!?!

We are moving to PENNSYLVANIA!!! The James family will be moving to Pennsylvania come May 2017!

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