Newborn Photographer in Spokane, Wa

*** Edited on 3/14/19*** Was Okinawa, NOW it’s Spokane***Newborn Photographer in Spokane, Wa***

HOLY MOLY, I’m now a newborn photographer in Spokane, Wa. Yep, you read that right! After being in Pennsylvania for the last year and a half, I am so ready to be a Newborn Photographer in Spokane, Wa permanently. I am still booking sessions in Pennsylvania until Summer 2020, but am booking sessions in Spokane NOW!!!

After leaving Okinawa in 2017, I never imagine that we would be moving yet again. Our plan was to stay in Pennsylvania and retire, but after a lot of heart to hearts, we know this move to Spokane, Wa after retirement is the right decision for our family. It is nerve-wracking, but so exciting at the same time. I am beyond ready to get back to photographing all the newborn babies, families and maternity portraits.

I know that as a Newborn Photographer in Spokane, Wa, my newborn portrait sessions will be creative and beautiful. I would love to try and photograph more babies in the open fields, near the forest and at some of the iconic places in Spokane. How amazing would those memories be?

From now until we physically move to Spokane, I will be doing lifestyle newborn sessions in Spokane. I will be booking all other sessions in groups for the time I am scheduled to be traveling to Spokane. So don’t be shy about booking your sessions for when I am there.

If you are expecting this fall and would like newborn portraits contact me HERE.

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