Bloomsburg Outdoor Family Photographer

Bloomsburg Outdoor Family Photographer

I have been all over the world in the most beautiful places and being a Bloomsburg outdoor family photographer I still have one of the most breathtaking places to continue my photography in. As I drove around the area I would see these adorable wood piles in peoples yards and think, “I wonder if they would let me photograph people there?” Of course I never did because that might be weird.

The Outdoor Wood Pile

Of course I took it upon myself (really my husband and kids) to make a wood pile of my own! It is the most beautiful thing in my yard, in my opinion. It sits in the back of the yard right where the sun shines through so beautifully. It creates a beautiful golden light hugging all of my families! This is one of the biggest highlights of being a Bloomsburg outdoor family photographer. When the light hugs my families and encapsulates all the love they have for eachother. 

Family History

Now, this family has been a part of my life for about 12 years. Yes, that long. We may not have talked each day or hung out, but once upon a time, in Okinawa, Japan, they were our neighbors. Their oldest daughter used to chase my son around the playground at the sweet age of 2 and 3. The family eventually moved and wouldn’t you believe it so many years later we end up in the same neck of the woods. I couldn’t believe how fate did that for us.  Being able to see them grow from being their neighbor and photographer in Okinawa, to now, so many years later and they have all grown up and added family members. It is truly a blessing to be a Bloomsburg outdoor family photographer

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If you are looking for another Bloomsburg outdoor family session location, the 2019 Bloomsburg Fair would be a fun location as well.


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