NEPA Portrait Photographer – Fresh Start

NEPA Portrait Photographer – Fresh Start
Each year we get a fresh start. We have the choice to start over and begin living our lives as we should. Eating better, exercising, taking in each moment, spending more time with family, whatever it may be to start fresh and have an amazing new year. Each year we start by thanking God for the life of our youngest son, Conrad. We are thankful that he gets the choice to have a fresh start every passing year. He could have had that taken from him in January 2012. God graciously let him keep that choice.  He only had minimal injuries and was young enough that he doesn’t remember it thankfully. He thinks he does because his siblings remind him frequently throughout the year when he runs through a parking lot.

For those of you that don’t know his story and his accident you can read that here. You can read the updates here, here, here, and here. These are updates from 10 days after until January 2016.  I find it important to bring this up each year. I don’t blog each year, but share his story each year. This year I’m a little later than the anniversary because I am  blessed to be having fun and teaching him. Its the perfect time to write this becoming a NEPA Portrait Photographer.

I want to plead with you all to make sure you are watching your little toddlers. Not each of them that has had this happen is able to get their fresh start each year. Many families are reminded each year that its another year without their precious baby. It just takes a few simple proactive movements to help prevent being run over by a vehicle.  These can be taken by you as a parent or as a driver. Please please be aware of your children when you are around vehicles. Drivers, take the time to look around your vehicle and make sure children are not around or are clearly in a safe spot away from the vehicle. Please I  beg of you to take the time to read his story and be aware of your surroundings.

I am happy to report that Conrad is physically phenomenal. He is growing like a weed and is more active than most children his age. He loves to exercise and stay physically fit. He does pull-ups several times a day to make his muscles strong. He runs to make himself faster and lifts weights(5# dumbbells) to grow his muscles. He is such a joy to be around. We are so blessed to continue to watch him grow and have such a silly and amazing personality. We are so blessed he gets his fresh start every year. He is our little explorer. Here he is with his latest interest… bow and arrows(without the arrows).

I am joined in a FRESH start with these amazing photographers! Please click on the links, read the amazing words, see the beautiful images AND comment showing how much you care!

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NEPA Portrait Photographer - Fresh Start little boyNEPA Portrait Photographer - Fresh Start muscles on little boyNEPA Portrait Photographer - Fresh Start bow and arrowNEPA Portrait Photographer - Fresh Start close upNEPA Portrait Photographer - Fresh Start aiming bowNEPA Portrait Photographer - Fresh Start pulling back with musclesNEPA Portrait Photographer - Fresh Start lit up eyesNEPA Portrait Photographer - Fresh Start dramatic portraitNEPA Portrait Photographer - Fresh Start tough face on little boyNEPA Portrait Photographer - Fresh Start childhood portraitsblack and white NEPA Portrait Photographer - Fresh Startmuscles and ribs NEPA Portrait Photographer - Fresh Startforest boy NEPA Portrait Photographer - Fresh Startcurious boy NEPA Portrait Photographer - Fresh Startnatural light NEPA Portrait Photographer - Fresh Startoutdoor NEPA Portrait Photographer - Fresh Startmovement NEPA Portrait Photographer - Fresh Starthunting NEPA Portrait Photographer - Fresh Startscrunched nose NEPA Portrait Photographer - Fresh StartNEPA Portrait Photographer - Fresh Start aim for the sky

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