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Why I do photography

Have you ever wondered why I do photography? Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t. Or maybe you have wondered why I started doing photography or when I made that decision. Let me give you all the reasons I got into photography.


The reason above was the first reason I got into photography. Long ago before I became a Pennsylvania photographer, back when I had straggly blonde hair and was as tall and skinny as a bean pole, I lived on a farm. Yes, I hauled hay, moved sprinklers, rode horses, cleaned the stalls, fed and bathed the animals and so many more farm chores. At the time some of that wasn’t too fun, but most was. It was magical. I went through phases of things I absolutely loved. Horses were one of those phases. I love everything horse. My room had horse wallpaper. I played with toy horses non-stop. I loved creating little horse communities out in our field down by our pond. My sister and I would play for hours with these horse creating a town of horses. It was SO real to us. Our imaginations were amazing!

Soon after this phase, I was given an old Pentax film camera. I was told it was my father’s when he went on a mission. I immediately had many ideas in my head. I wanted to photograph everything on the farm. I would walk around for hours and photograph the fields and the lone trees in the fields. I would photograph the animals, the sky, the dirt roads. I would create an interesting perspective when taking a photograph of a crick(aka creek or stream). Crick is what we call a creek in good old Sanpete county.

Anyway, I love creating these photos that I felt. I would literally feel the photos. The meaning they had for a little 12-year-old girl. I won a few ribbons at the fairs for my photographs and it was amazing.

Later on, I dreamt of being a hotshot fashion/celebrity photographer. I didn’t know how I was going to get there, but I was. I was dead wrong on that one. Obviously, I now photograph all sorts of things and fashion and celebrities are not one of them.

Over the years photography became an outlet, it had meaning for me. I didn’t want any little moment in my life to not be captured. I wanted to be able to remember EVERYTHING. Literally every detail of all my life. There are photographs I wish I had, that I was unable to get. Like that last photograph with my grandfather before he passed. I don’t have that because we were in Okinawa. I cry all the time because I don’t have that photograph. Now every time I go home I photograph my grandparents that are still living. I photograph them with me, with my family, with my children and by themselves. I ALWAYS want to have photographs of them, because one day they won’t be here. Are they perfect, NO, but I have them and cherish them! My new goal is to photograph the everyday life of me and my children with my parents and my husband’s parents. Those will be the most cherished photographs to us all in time.

The first photo is OF me, taken by who I can only guess was my mother. The rest were taken by me. Obviously I needed to work on straightening my horizon. They were taken on film. The last few were take in 2014, the last time we were able to see my family and are digital.

Girl on a horseTree on filmangus cattle on filmslew pond on film photographyweeds photographed on film by kristi james photographyfilm photography of lakescat photographysunset photography on film camera
Grandparents and grandchildrengrandmothers portraitWhy I do photography Great Grandparent photographyGrandpa and GrandmaUtah Farms

This is why I do photography! To book your session click here!!

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  • AnonymousOctober 12, 2022 - 7:50 am

    Amazing, you have come a long way.  So beautiful. 

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