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The Art of Childhood

Many had a hard time defining the meaning behind this title. To me, it meant to literally be a child. Children make everything they do an art. It means each little insignificant thing that a child does. The mundane, the not-so-big moments. It could be the way they eat their cereal, the way they hang out on the couch, the way they hold their silverware. It could even be the way they move and do things.

Wow, it has been a while since I have blogged. It has literally been so busy around here that I can’t hardly think, let alone blog. Although I have SO many images to share with you.  As the publishing date for this blog came near I realized that I hadn’t photographed my own children in over a month!! Bad mommy photographer! I wasn’t capturing the art of childhood in my own home.

Just Soak It Up

Some times I catch myself just watching my children. I want to soak up each moment. They are growing at a ridiculous rate and I’ll miss each and every silly thing they do.  Sticking your tongue out while doing something I believe is THE art of childhood. I am pretty sure each of my children has stuck their tongues out while doing things or concentrating. It is almost instinct for them to do it. I laugh each time. I love when I capture it on camera too. See if you can find the photo with it.

I have a pretty crazy little boy that will do all sorts of crazy things. He even jumps off walls and makes it look easy!! Children are amazing to watch. As you watch them you can just see all the wheels turning in their little minds. They are wondering and calculating and thinking. It is the art of childhood.
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P.S. in case you’re wondering why they are checking out the corn so much, it’s because they planted it themselves and have been so excited for them to triple in size over the last few weeks.

How do you view or define the art of childhood? What do you remember from your childhood?

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