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As a Bloomsburg maternity photographer I have the absolute pleasure of photographing some gorgeous mother’s to be. Granted Jessica is not located in Bloomsburg, but in Utah. Yes, I travel to Utah for maternity, newborn, family and couples photographs. Having traveled for the past 17 years, it is in my blood to keep traveling. Now that we have settled here in Bloomsburg, I have had the travel itch badly. I have been lucky enough to travel several places over the last year to scratch the travel itch.

I absolutley adore being a Bloomsburg maternity photographer and hope to have the opportunity to photograph more expecting mothers here locally. So all of you expecting mamas, what are you waiting for? You may feel like you do not look good enough for photos, but let me tell you, YOU ARE GORGEOUS! You are growing a beautiful being (or two) within your body and it makes you glow! That glow shines through all the unattractive feelings you are having, through all the pain you may be in, your light shines! Check out this gorgeous maternity session.

If you are having doubts, think about this, you are only pregnant with this beautiful child (or children) once! You will most likely regret not having those photos to look back on and reminisce and tell stories about to that child. I know my children love to have me tell them stories of when I was pregnant with them and they ALWAYS ask to see a photo. I have tons from my first pregnancy, literally ONE from my second (which is regretable), a handful from my third pregnancy and a full maternity session from my fourth. Do you know who asks to see the photos of me pregnant with them the most? The two middle children… the ones I have only one or a handful from. Don’t be me. Have even just a mini maternity session done. This Bloomsburg maternity photographer will hook you up girl!

If you need more reasons as to why you should do a maternity portrait session check out this blog.

If you would like to book your maternity session you can contact me and we will chat!

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