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I don’t know how many people know, but I have photographed this family for over 8 years now. Not always as a Central Pennsylvania Family Photographer, but this time it was. It started by chance at a little vendor event. Bernice had a good feeling about me, and I about her. We immediately fell in love with working together, and soon became good friends. I photographed the good times, the hard times, the joyous times, and all of the in-between. We would do a session together about every 4-6 months for three years. Then I moved back to Okinawa, Japan. We were both saddened because we didn’t know when the next time we would see each other or create the next beautiful photograph together.

Fast forward 4 years and we finally got to see each other again and create beautiful portraits together. Bernice traveled all the way from Florida to New York to Pennsylvania to do photographs with me. She chose to come all the way up here and do photos with THIS Central Pennsylvania Family Photographer. Which, is an amazing honor in my book. It was like we hadn’t missed a beat, other than the girls were about as tall as me now.

The kids had grown so much since I last saw them. They were all still itty bitty little kids at our last photo session in South Carolina. I had this thing with them when they were little, that a monkey would come out of my camera and tickle them or climb on their shoulder, well that didn’t work so well this time. They were too old for that, but it didn’t stop them from being so adorable and natural in front of the camera.

Thank you Kennedy Family for trusting me with your friendship and as your photographer. I cannot wait until the next time.

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