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Newborn photos are a hot topic with people lately. Some think newborn photos are not necessary and some wouldn’t have it any other way. Those that wouldn’t have it any other way know the five reasons to get newborn photos taken. Those that don’t think newborn photos are necessary are in for a great treat to learn why they should have their newborn photos taken. I honestly do not think that some of these reasons will surprise you, although they might. I think every mother/father wants to have photos of their newborn babies, but some are not willing to spend a good amount of money on them.

I know that when I started having kids, from what I remember newborn photos were not really popular. Now infant photos when they were over 6 weeks old were popular. I got my oldest babies photos done at 6 weeks and cherish those so much. I do regret not having them done sooner than 6 weeks old though.

My second kiddo totally got neglected because we were so poor at that time. He got his hospital photos, but I wasn’t able to order them until he was a year old. I saved and saved just to get those.

My third child, my daughter, had one taken at 2 weeks old. It was quite comical… I didn’t know how to do girl headbands. So she looked like a tiny runner with a sweatband.

And my fourth baby was born after I had started doing newborn photography. He was supposed to be my baby I could practice and pose and do it all over every day with. That definitely didn’t happen. He was such a touchy baby. I think I ended up with a total of 4 usable photos of him as a newborn ( 3 weeks and under). I got more as he got older and less touchy with me putting him down. 

Have you even considered newborn photos? Are you wondering why you should even get newborn photos? Or are you wondering if you can even afford it? I know that sometimes are hard and it isn’t always affordable, but if you can save up before the baby is born, you will be ready. Also making sure to book that session in advance so you know you have a spot. Well, are you ready to hear those five reasons to get newborn photos taken

Or you can check out a whole bunch of these adorable newborn photos. 

Even more newborn photos here!

Reason One: They will never be this itty bitty again.

That’s right, they grow up. Even within a week to two weeks old, your newborn will have grown and changed tremendously. Whether you want to admit it or not, they grow so fast, right before your eyes. I mean seriously… I just had my oldest yesterday right? NOT! Try almost 15 years ago. How, just how, will he be a sophomore in high school next year? When did that happen? I don’t know because I just had him yesterday remember?

Reason Two: You’ll never forget what they looked like and how tiny they were.
You will one day look back at those newborn photos and have a flood of emotions come flowing back. Yep, our memories can fail us sometimes. It sucks, but its the cold hard truth. Whether it is on purpose or just part of life. Mom brain and memory loss are totally a thing. I forget stuff all the time. I love that I was a photo enthusiast all my life to be able to look back at all those memories I may have otherwise forgotten. There are a few certain moments and looks I remember, but for the most part, I have to go back through photos to remember what happened, especially in those early years that are a fog of exhaustion.

Reason Three: Grandparents always want photos of their new grandchildren.

If your baby has grandparents, you know they will want to display their newest grandchild big time in their home. They will want to show off your newborn to all their friends. They will oooohh and aaaahhh over your newborn every day. It will be especially important to them if you do not live close by. These newborn photos will be their connection to them until they can meet in person.

Reason Four: You will have adorable photos to hang in your home.

Just as grandparents will want to have photos of your newborn all over their home to show off, so will you. Believe it or not, at some point in time you will want the newborn photos of your wee babe hung all over the house. You will want to always see the time when they were tiny. You can also put the newborn photo in a grow with me frame that includes their newborn photo up to a year old or even up till they are 18 years old! I think those are so fun to have and watch how much your baby changes each year or month. 

Reason Five: A professional photographer knows what they are doing.

Hiring a professional with a proven track record of newborn photography and safety is one of the biggest reasons for having your newborn photos taken. Whether you want to admit it or not, you are not trained in the art and SAFETY of newborn photography. It is highly possible the baby will not be safe when taking photos on your own or by a less experienced photographer. Not only will your baby be in safe hands, but the newborn photographer will be able to put them in all the cute poses safely and easily. So remember to save up, book early and invest in a newborn photographer to take your newborn photos. 

Ready to book your newborn photos today?

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Kristi James has been photographing newborns for ten years. She has trained in newborn safety and intricate posing. Kristi James is a member of the Professional Photographers of America.

Kristi James is a photographer specializing in child, newborn and family photography in Pennsylvania.
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