Okinawa Couples Photography – Kevin & Coco

Okinawa Couples Photography

Okinawa couples photography has become a popular trend. This wasn’t just any couples photography session though. They are a power couple. What does that mean? It means they rock at their jobs together! They work with WorldVentures! They are Independent Representatives that sell curated travel packages for the company. I really enjoyed working with Kevin and Coco. They were so easy to work with and had a sense of humor. I bet a ton of you here on Okinawa are familiar with them.

Magazine Article

They are being featured in the companies magazine.The article they are being featured in is titled “Living the Core Values,” which as you might guess, is about how Kevin and Coco have exemplified at least one of the companies 10 core values and how they have been an inspiration others.

Okinawa Couples Photography-Kristi James to the rescue

I was contacted by the companies creative department that was in need of updated and great photos of this power couple! I was happy to oblige. We needed to shoot at two different locations and for about 4 hours. WorldVentures wanted something unique to Okinawa or something that showed where Kevin and Coco lived. What better location than a castle and THE BEACH?! We started out at one of my favorite castles early in the afternoon. The light was a tad too bright, but we made it work and Kevin and Coco looked amazing. We then headed to the beach for sunset. It was a gorgeous, but windy evening. The beach tends to be a tad chillier than inland as well. We bundled up in between shots with a blanket. The sunset was a bit clouded, but still pretty.

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