Okinawa Photographer | The Twelve Most Frequently Asked Questions

Okinawa Photographer | Frequently Asked Questions

I love this post for my 80 days of summer about frequently asked questions because it will give you so much information on things you may be wondering about when you book any type of session with me (Kristi James Photography). I get asked these questions all the time and thought it would be helpful to put them all in one place for you to refer to. Here are my most frequently asked questions about a photography session with me.


1. What if I don’t think my baby/children will behave for our session?
Babies and children are smart and they are very aware of their parents’ emotions. If you stress out over the details of the session, they will feel how tense you are and will most likely do the same. My advice is to stay relaxed and have fun during the session. Remember, you have hired a custom photographer, so time is not an issue. There is no need to stress out if your baby doesn’t cooperate for me right away. I am very good with babies/children so if you give me some space and time, I will most likely be able to get those great poses/smiles that you love so much. So, the bottom line is to HAVE FUN. Let that be your mantra for the session and I will take care of the rest.

2. What can I do to make sure my baby/children are ready for the session?
On the day of the session try not to do anything really active. Don’t do anything to wear your children out. If you can, make sure they take their naps if they still do. Make sure you feed them or give them a good snack before you leave. Make sure you go potty before you come. You can always bring snacks or bribes for after the session. Never bring them out during the session, but let them know they can have them immediately after the session.

3. Can I reschedule my session?
Sessions will only be rescheduled if the weather is not permitting, emergency, or illness. Please contact me as soon as possible if you or your baby/child becomes ill. I can reschedule a session twice before the session fee becomes forfeited.

4. What should I do during the session?
During the session, I will situate you, you’re family, and/or your baby in locations that are ideal for the natural light we’re working with at the time. I will do some directing and move us along from place to place to make sure we get a good variety of images for your gallery. If you have any ideas for the session, feel free to share them with me before and or during the session.

5. Why do newborn sessions take so long?
Newborn sessions typically take longer because we take lots of breaks to nurse and soothe the baby. I also like to get posed images of babies to get the womb-like pictures and it can take some time to get the baby in the right pose. Some poses take longer because they must be executed properly in order to keep the baby safe. Sometimes the baby doesn’t want to cooperate.

6. When should I schedule my maternity and newborn sessions?
You should book and reserve your sessions as soon as possible. I book up extremely fast and you’ll want to make sure you have a spot. I like to photograph expectant moms when they are about 28-34 weeks along. Newborns should be photographed before 18 days old. After this babies become too aware of us moving and posing them. They also are not as squishy and do not mold as easily as when they are brand new.

7. Do you have any props?
I have lots of props for newborns. I have tons of baskets, buckets, bowls, crates, and other things to put babies in and on. I have tons of blankets, headbands, ties, bowties, cars, wraps, and many more things. You can let me know before your session if you have a certain prop or another request. This is in the top 5 frequently asked questions I get about newborn sessions.

8. Why can’t you show all the images from the session in the gallery?
I only select the best of the best for your gallery because I think the quality is far more important than quantity. If there are any specific images that you have your heart set on, please tell me before the session so I am aware of that. Most importantly TRUST ME!

9. Will you have my digital files backed up just in case I lose my set?
Your photographs will be backed up for an entire year. I highly recommend making a duplicate copy of your images and backing up your images on an external hard drive the moment you get your images downloaded. There is a service charge of $100 if you need me to retrieve your files. I HIGHLY suggest getting them printed right away. Ask me about the 4×6 PROOF box!

10. Will I get every image in color and black and white?
No. Most of my images will be prepared for the gallery in color but I will make a handful of images that I feel should be converted to black and white. If there is an image that you would really like to have converted to black and white, just let me know.

11. I am nervous about handling the digital files on my own. How can I make sure I get professional quality prints or other products?
First I highly recommend printing and ordering products through me. Not because I want to make money, but because I can make sure they are of the highest quality products. I can make sure they are correctly print or made. However, if you order the digital files I will send you a printing guide and directions on where to go to get your images printed. The lab I have my clients use offers albums, canvases, and other boutique items. So don’t worry, you will end up with quality items! This is in the top 5 frequently asked questions I get.

12. What if I don’t want prints just yet, can I order just the digital files?
Yes absolutely. I offer three digital file collections for you to choose from. You will download these images directly to your computer.

Did I miss frequently asked questions you may have on your mind? Contact me and ask your question!!

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