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What type of photography do I really offer?

You may think, well why is she telling me this. I already know what type of photography Kristi James Photography offers us in Okinawa. So, what do I really offer? I offer a variety of photography for your Okinawa photography experiences. I absolutely love each genre that I offer to you. I put my heart and soul into these types of sessions. I get so much joy and pleasure when I get to photograph the following sessions. I want you to read through and find out which type of session really benefits you and your family!


I love offering family photography in Okinawa. Being a family photographer gives me such great pride and joy in my life. It allows me to meet so many amazing families that share the island with me. My family sessions are a fun and happy experience. I don’t want you to be frustrated or stressed out about it. I let kids be kids and that makes a world of difference. I start off with a few posed shots with everyone looking. You know that photo all grandparents want hanging on their wall. Then I will direct you how and where to stand, but I let you be you. I let you giggle, cuddle, play, and enjoy your family. I really want you to focus on how much you love and adore your family. I want to see that love shine through in your photos. I will play games with the kids and I will have you play some games with them. You DO NOT have to look at me the whole time. In fact, I almost prefer you don’t look at me unless I ask. I want you to be connected with your family. I want you to tickle and snuggle and truly feel and show the love between you and your loved ones. When I send your reminder email I will include a Family Session Guide with all the details in it for you! Things you may be worried about.

family photography session with little girl in okinawa


I offer a few types of Okinawa pregnancy photography sessions.

Boudoir– This is NOT a racy, sexual type that you may or may not be thinking of. This is a quiet intimate session. You will wear mostly underwear bottoms and a tank top.

If you’re comfortable we will do some topless photos. This type of session is great to make you feel beautiful and sensual during this beautiful time in your life. This session can either be held in my studio ( I have a bed) or in your own home.

Studio– This session is held at my studio and is on white and black backgrounds only. It is simple and beautiful.

Outdoor– This session is held at an outdoor location of your choice within 30 minutes of Kadena Air Base. This can be a beach, a park, a castle, really anywhere.

Maternity photo by the ocean in Okinawa


Once you decide to schedule a newborn photography session with me, we will set a tentative date based on your due date. I understand that babies rarely come when predicted and I will accommodate their personal plans for arrival. But a due date will give us a baseline. Once your baby is born, please get in touch with me and we will firm up our date and time. Babies are best photographed in the first 18 days of their new little lives. If you are a c-section Mom, I know that recovery can be slow and painful so you are more than welcome to hang out on my couch and watch a movie.

newborn photography fox on a bench okinawa


When you come to a couples photography session with me expect to be very very close. My couples session is meant to show how much you love one another. I want to capture all the emotion and love you have for each other. I may ask you to do some pretty silly stuff or I may ask you to be serious and just take it all in.

offer passionate couples photograph at castle in Okinawa,Japan


Boudoir photography I offer is NOT racy, over the top sexual type that you may or may not be thinking of. This is a quiet intimate session. You will wear mostly underwear bottoms and a tank top. If you’re comfortable we can do some topless or nude. These are meant to make you feel beautiful and sexy and confident in the beautiful skin you are in. Ready to book a session? Let me know here!

Boudoir photograph in Okinawa studio

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