A Day In The Life | Bloomsburg Portrait Photographer

A Day In The Life | Bloomsburg Portrait Photographer

Its been a long while since we have been able to play outside and even longer since we could play in the water. A Day In The Life | Bloomsburg Portrait Photographer in me has been dying to get outside and photograph my kids again. On this particular day, first nice day in who knows, we started out fishing in the pond. I was too busy helping fix the fishing poles to take any photos. They almost gave up on catching anything.


Once I got the kids situated with fishing, I started some yard work. There are briar bushes around the pond and they are not nice to our skin and clothes. The thorns on them grab and stab us and I have had enough of them. So I started tearing them out. I am so glad I did too. It was totally worth a little bit of pain. I  now have an even more amazing view of our pond.


Once kids were done fishing they determined they wanted to swim in the water. Now it may be warm outside, but the water hasn’t warmed up yet. I told them that and they didn’t seem to care. So off they went to change into swimming suits. The two little ones jumped in and were super cold. They decided they wanted to play in the mud. I love that they did that. Most parents would freak out, but not me. It brought childhood memories back for me. I used to play in the mud as a kid all the time. So to me that was them enjoying their childhood. Didn’t take long for them to hop back in the water and start washing off. They lasted maybe 10 minutes and were done. I wanted to grab few shots of them before they went to shower!

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