Conrad Is Free Again…

January 31, 2012: I don’t know if this is really the place to be posting these thoughts or not, but if I can just help one family I will post here. Conrad was ran over by a truck, and tonight I was informed that a 2-year-old boy in Utah(my home state) was backed over by his father in his truck. My heart goes out to that family because unfortunately, this young man made his way to heaven. I had cold chills and I had a rush of emotions overcome me. I immediately just wanted to hug my baby boy. All I could think was, Thank God that we were so blessed that our son gets to stay on this earth with us after being ran over by a truck. I cannot imagine life without our silly Conrad. I just can’t. I just feel so horrible for those families that have lost loved ones in accidents like ours. If you haven’t been following my blog for long you can read our story HERE and an update HERE. I think to my self that I don’t understand why we were so blessed?  Why was our little boy chosen to live through this? He must have a much bigger purpose on this earth than we know right now. Maybe his purpose was to wake us up a bit and maybe it was to raise safety awareness to others. I am not sure of what the reasoning behind it is, but I am beyond thankful I do have my little boy to hug and kiss and enjoy. He will most likely have a few challenges once his cast is off, but nothing that he won’t overcome very fast.

March 2, 2012: Conrad has now had his cast off for almost 2 weeks. We were beyond excited the day he was getting it off. It was a family affair! By this point, he had learned to crawl around in his cast, how to walk along with furniture in his cast, and pretty much go where he wanted in the living room. It was pretty funny watching him try and walk along with the couches with it and just go so fast crawling  pulling himself across the floor.  It was nice to see him get some independence back.

So here we are now. His cast is off. He hasn’t had a good time since he got his cast off. He almost immediately got sick with the flu and developed a fever of 105* at one point. He ended up having two really nasty ear infections. He still isn’t feeling great, but much better than he was the beginning of this week. Conrad is walking around. He has a limp but was excited to finally walk again. He can’t walk around for too long or it starts hurting, so he takes lots of breaks. At some points, I think he misses his cast. I know weird, but I think he does sometimes. He mimics what he used to do in the cast and maybe that is just because that’s all he knew for the last 6 weeks.

I want to thank everyone again for the outpouring of love and support. For your thoughts and prayers. For your wonderful gifts and meals.  For your amazing words of encouragement. Keep sharing Conrad’s story about being ran over by a truck and hopefully, together we can save at least one life.

*Warning* Some of these photos may be emotional. These are of the day Conrad got his cast off.

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