2015 USO Special Delivery Reunion with Heidi Murkoff

I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph the 2015 USO Special Delivery Baby Shower Reunion. It featured the author of, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” Heidi Murkoff.  The ladies that attended the USO Special Delivery baby shower last year were invited to come back a year later and show off their beautiful new babies and mingle with Heidi. I must say, Heidi, is absolutely adorable. She was so genuine and sweet. She was more than happy to answer any questions. She was so good with all the babies and went and met each and every one of them. Heidi really took her time to talk and converse with the mothers. Her husband joined her and he was equally amazing with all the children and mothers.

I got to photograph all the new mothers and babies talking and playing. I was able to photograph Heidi during this time as well. The USO did a fantastic job putting this event together. I think mothers and babies had a wonderful time. For those of you that attended the Special Delivery Reunion, you can view and download the images HERE. For those of you that attended the Special Delivery Baby Shower the next two days, you can view and download your images HERE.

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