Cosmo Flowers

Cosmo Flowers | Day 8

Here in Okinawa, the farmers plant massive fields of Cosmo Flowers. They are maroon, pink, purple, and white-colored flowers. They each vary in “style”. The fields are gorgeous. Last year people trampled more than I would like to admit. It was quite sad. This year they roped off the majority of the fields and also had signs up at every corner and side to stay on the path and not to take photos in the middle of the flowers. They made designated pathways we could walk on, but you were not to venture beyond them. So sad that they had to go to those extreme measures so that their crops were not ruined this year. ” According to a Kin Town resident, it is believed that Cosmos nurture and rejuvenate the soil just prior to the rice fields being utilized(i). The net result; an entire landscape of pink, white, and maroon colored flowers lighting up the scene! Hundreds of visitors come every year to get a glimpse of these delightful flowers.” – Map It!Okinawa

Last year I did take my daughter for some portraits and they turned out ok. This trip was for a 6-month-old milestone session. It was SO cold. I have tons of photos of the flowers from last year so I didn’t spend too much time photographing them this year. They sure are pretty to look at though. Snapped a few more of my daughter this year and at the end of the post is the cutie pie I photographed.

Cosmo Flowers Okinawa Cosmo FlowersKT7A1579_Okinawa Family Photography-Kristi JamesKT7A1585_Okinawa Family Photography-Kristi JamesKT7A1636_Okinawa Family Photography-Kristi JamesKT7A1637_Okinawa Family Photography-Kristi JamesKT7A1605_Okinawa Family Photography-Kristi James

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